Flourishing Fridays

From bed bound to Instagrammer

Alex Howard talks with Instagrammer James Wythe about his journey to recovery from ME/CFS and how discovering his passion for food and cooking played a key role in his recovery. James was a sporty, active young man until when he fell ill at 21 - falling sick with a mysterious illness he was so ill he was rushed to hospital with the assumption of a brain tumour, but tests resulted with no diagnosis. James spent 2 years bedbound, with no answers or treatment. With full-time help and support from his loved ones, James slowly made improvements through learning to listen closely to his body, pacing very slowly over a year, eventually, he could leave the house again. Once he was able to stand and cook, he discovered his love for finding new delicious recipes that fit within his dietary requirements eliminating dairy, wheat, gluten, and sugar.

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